2011 Performers – Rock the District 3

Jimmy LegJimmy Leg

Jimmy Leg is two talented young guitarists, a captivating lead singer, and a driving bass and drum section that play an eclectic song set ranging from alternative to classic rock. Band members Sean, Kyle, Morgan, Patrick and Max came together in the Spring of 2011 during a Rock Band camp at a local church. It was at this camp that Kyle and Sean first played together and realized they had a common interest in song selection and live performances. The boys set out to find the best talent available and immediately reached out to Morgan to add his mad guitar skills to go with Kyle’s. Similarly, Max and Patrick were recommended to the boys as a great addition for the all important drum and bass component that helps fuel their exciting live performances. Their restless energy and constant activity gave rise to the name of the band, Jimmy Leg. The band enjoys a range of music that engages a broad audience with selections from Green Day, Van Halen, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cage the Elephant, and U2. Despite their young age, the band has played live performances at many venues which include Desert Ridge Marketplace, Stages Music Store, Highland’s Church, and Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation’s “School’s Out For Summer Rock and Skate”, while at the same time helping to raise an awareness, and participating in clothing and food drives for charitable organizations such as MASKMatters.org, Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development, AZ Hunger Week, and Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation. Band Members: Sean Collins -lead vocals/guitar (Age 12); Kyle Himmelein-lead guitar/back-up vocals (Age 12); Morgan Nelson-lead guitar (Age 13); Patrick England-bass (Age 13); Max Henderson-drums (Age 13). Jimmy Leg is honored to perform and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of the 3rd Annual “Rock The District”.


Ricochet ReloadedRicochet Reloaded

Don’t let their ages fool you, Ricochet Reloaded will blow your mind! Gus and Sabrina met at a local music workshop when they were only 10 and soon realized they both had the natural talent and shear dedication to stand out. Soon after they formed the original Ricochet. Today they are 12 and Gus is the front man handling vocals and guitar while Sabrina owns the drums. Backing them up on vocals and slappin’ the bass is Robert who is the token “old guy” at 14.
Both together as Ricochet Reloaded, and in various other music projects Gus, Sabrina and Robert play various gigs across the valley. Last year Ricochet earned a spot in the semi-finals at Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding talent search. More recently Ricochet Reloaded finished up headlining the Oktoberfest celebration at Explorer Middle School dubbed ExplorerFest.
You can follow Ricochet Reloaded on their blog at www.ricochetband.blogspot.com or like “Ricochet Reloaded” on Facebook. You can also see them live as they open for Black Door (a band Gus and his brother formed) at Reata Pass in north Scottsdale every Saturday.


Freudian SlipFreudian Slip

We are Freudian Slip. We are all juniors in high school. We thoroughly enjoy listening to and playing music. We are attending the Phantogram concert shortly after playing our show at Rock the District. We hope you will be there to watch all the cool performers. We hope you enjoy. Sincerely, Sam Lekander (guitar/bass/vocals), Francis Bartolomeo (guitar/bass/vocals), Grant Morley (percussion/awesomeness)


Acoustic TrioAcoustic Trio

“The Acoustic Trio grew out of the ashes of Billion Dollar Bailout. Ryan, Jake, and Josh have performed the last 2 years at Gallagher’s, private parties, band shows, a Prom, a Wedding, and at PVCC’s Battle of the Bands. They have written and recorded several originals and are currently in an AP Music Theory class writing a 15-piece symphony each. Rock the District is a favorite gig of theirs and was instrumental in bringing them together 3 years ago.”


Half Past Nine

Half Past Nine has been performing under various lineups and monickers for approximately two years. Their personnel consists of Cactus Shadows students and alumni who are passionate about jazz and enjoy bringing such a classy genre of music to a larger audience. They’re no strangers to performance; most members have been playing for upwards of six years. In today’s modern culture of four chord songs, auto-tune, and vulgar subject matter, it’s their goal to bring forth music that’s truly musical.
Boss Frog
This group of young fur-trappers first got their start singing backup for Donnie the “Warlock” Warwick six straight seasons at the Salem midnight jamboree festival for ghouls and specters. Last year they moved west for cheap land and are electrostatic to be here tonight!


Cali RodiCali Rodi

Cali Rodi is a sixteen- year- old singer/songwriter from Cave Creek. She started performing at age twelve and her first gig was at the one and only Buffalo Chip Saloon. With major influences including Grace Potter, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Led Zeppelin, and Merle Haggard, Cali has developed a unique country soul style that she hopes she can bring to the table in Nashville. Every month she travels to Music City for writing sessions, stage coaching, and voice lessons. She has completed writing fifty songs and counting and hopes to attend Belmont University to major in Songwriting. Here in Arizona, Cali writes and performs with Ryan Sims of local band Eastonashe and Billy Cioffi. She is a member of the Cactus Shadows Honors Choir and is very passionate about the arts in schools.

Bobbi Kerr

Bobbi Kerr began guitar lessons at the age of 8 and incorporated singing into her music at the age of 11. She is now 13 and has played at several venues including Buffalo Chip, Hard Rock Café, Harold’s, The Compound, Cody’s and Bookman’s. Bobbi has been an active member of the Chicks With Picks for two years and performs frequently with the organization. She enjoys writing her own music and is eager to record her first cd. Musical artists that influence her include Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, The Band Perry and country music as a whole. This is Bobbi’s first performance for Rock the District and she is very excited for the opportunity!

Melissa NelsonMelissa Nelson

Melissa Nelson has been singing from a very young age and has hardly stopped since- just ask her family, friends and classmates. She started out in musical theater and small talent shows and after discovering a passion for singing, Melissa began taking voice lessons with Martha Lindsey Glenn, with whom she has studied since 2003. She later picked up ukulele, guitar and piano to accompany her singing. Melissa continues to explore many musical endeavors. Just this past year, she attended Interlochen Arts Academy as a singer/songwriter, played Amber Von Tussle in the Shadowbox Player’s Hairspray and won a 1st place Upscale Singers vocal scholarship. Melissa is so thankful for the support of her community and all the help she’s been given to put on Rock the District III.

Austin HancockAustin Hancock and Eli Tubbs

Eli and Austin are young, handsome, strapping lads from Cave Creek. They attend CSHS as juniors. Eli is a Gemini and Austin is a Sagittarius. As returning “Rockers of the District,” they plan to swiftly execute their tasty jams and licks for the enjoyment of the audience. Other than playing music, they both enjoy tanning and lounging by the pool. Hopefully, their music will satisfy your ears.

Maya GlicksmanMaya Glicksman

Maya Glicksman is an eighth grade Honor Student at Sonoran Trails Middle School. Maya was born in Short Hills, New Jersey, and moved to Arizona in the summer of 2009. Music has always been a huge part of her life, and a passion she hopes to pursue as a career. She Since the age of three, Maya has studied classical piano, and participated in the annual Piano Guild Auditions. Although she showed a love for singing at a young age, she began taking vocal lessons at Voices Studios about two years ago. She currently takes voice from Satyam Patel, director of Voices, and continues classical piano lessons. Maya also plays a bit of guitar that she learns from her father. Other activities that Maya enjoys are playing tennis and photography. A few of the many artists that inspire and influence her are Lady GaGa, P!nk, Adele, Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera, and Beyoncé. Maya loves to perform, and is very excited to perform in Rock The District this year!

Austyn BridgewaterAustyn Bridgewater

Austyn Bridgewater is fifteen years old and a student at Cactus Shadows High School. Some of her inspirations include Steve Vai, Queen, Etta James, Lil’ Wayne, The Beatles, Metallica, and Jimi Hendirix. She plays many different kinds of guitar styles including classical, rock, metal, and acoustic. Austyn has been studying guitar under Nick Medlock at Voices Studio. Austyn also sings lots of genres including classic rock, british folk, jazz, and pop. She studies voice with Satyam Patel at Voices Studio. Austyn enjoys working with many different kinds of instruments and artists because she feels the best musicians are well-rounded. Austyn recently performed at “Unplugged” for Cactus Shadows High School. In addition to singing and playing instruments, Austyn enjoys running and plans on joining the Cactus Shadows track team. Austyn will be preforming a Lil’Wayne ballad with Chaney WIlson and is very excited to be a part of “Rock the District”!

Chaney WilsonChaney Wilson

Hi, My name is Chaney Wilson. I am a Sophomore at Cactus Shadows High School. This summer I took part in auditions for Arizona Idol where I was fortunate to make top 5. I then traveled to Houston Texas to experience the process for American Idol Auditions. Recently I took part in Unplugged, a fundraiser for Cactus Shadows athletics giving me a chance to perform with my peers. My vocal coach, Jillian Englund from Scottsdale Conservatory, affords me many opportunities to showcase through her performance school. In addition, I had the privilege to sing with the band Rondavous at Harolds. I am very excited to be a part of this years Rock the district to help raise funds for our districts music program.

Sarah GraceSarah Grace

Sarah Grace makes music for the eternal spring-time, when you can pick wild daisies with the radio turned up. Some of her inspirations come from older, more classic musicians, such as Nat King Cole, Edith Piaf, and John Lennon. And others come from modern day indie infliences. Her biggest: Zooey Deschanel and others Carla Bruni, Ingrid Michaelson, and Laura Marling. She comes from a musical family where singing is celebrated and done quite often. She studies voice with the wonderful Martha Lidsey-Glenn, plays ukulele and piano, and has recently won first place in the Upscale Singers Scholarship Auditions. She is a straight-A student at STMS, dances in the All-Stars Dance Company at Bender Performing Arts, and sings in the Stinger Choir. Sarah and one of her best friends, Caity have been singing and writing songs together for as long as they can remember. In RTD, the comfortable and complimentary music pair will be performing a song one of their favorite singers, Ingrid Michaelson. This effervescent performer has high hopes for the evening’s music and is thrilled to be a part of Rock the District.

CAity BonnieCaity Bonine

Caity Bonine is a 7th grader at Sonoran Trails – and she’s passionately pursuing her love of music and the performing arts. Caity has been singing and writing songs since she could pick up a pencil and memorize a tune – she could be found singing anywhere, including the forest while camping where she was known to put on concerts for the animals as early as age 3. She took a few guitar lessons in Kindergarten, but couldn’t seem to keep up the work with tiny sore fingers. She dabbled in a few other things through the years but nothing really struck a chord with her until this year when she picked up a ukulele and couldn’t put it down – she immediately fell in love with its high sweet sound. In addition to the ukulele, Caity has been practicing the piano and recently added voice lessons with Martha Lindsey-Glenn to strengthen her musical tool box – enjoying every new experience.

Victoria GrovichVictoria Grovich

I am fourteen years old and I love music. I love to listen to it, dance to it, play it, sing it, and live it. I’ve been playing guitar and taking voice lessons for a few years. I love to play and sing my favorite songs. I also love to read, write, play golf (although I’m not the greatest at it), spend time with my four little sisters, and hang out with my friends. I really like school (except for the homework) and am motivated to do my best academically. I am in the Spanish Immersion program. Outside of school, I am currently in the process of writing a book. I also like to write poems and songs. I’m very optimistic and love to laugh.

Alex GrovichAlex Grovich

Alex Grovich is an 11 year old, 6th grader at Bella Vista College Prep where she loves to participate in sports. Her love of singing began at a young age when she began performing concerts for her siblings. She currently takes guitar and vocal lessons and enjoys performing at recitals and church, both in goups and solo.

Stinger ChorusSTMS Stinger Chorus

The STMS Stinger Chorus is presently comprised of one hundred 7th and 8th grade students from each of our academic teams at Sonoran Trails. The music curriculum teaches the full spectrum of vocal sound and performance. This group does a variety of music anywhere from classical literature to the music of today. The students of this very talented vocal ensemble are ‘stoked’ to be presenting Gym Class Heroes’ “Stereo Hearts” for the opening number at the Rock the District Concert.

Cactus Shadows High School Dance TeamThe Cactus Shadows High School Dance Team

The Cactus Shadows state-winning dance team, a group of dedicated young girls who devote themselves to the community and high achievement, love to portray their passion for dance. They are hard workers with a cumulated GPA of 3.8. As they get ready for competition season, they are working extremely hard by practicing their routines every weekday in order to look their best. They are eager to perform their competition hip-hop routine at Rock the District, just one of two routines they will be competing throughout the season!